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Your goal is to put at least 3 elements of the same kind in a row (almost any direction). Once you have reached that the elements will be merged and upgraded to the next higher level. The highest element number to reach is 2048

If you have reached and created an element with 2048 the round ends and your currently achieved points will be doubled. But it is not only about to win, but to win with the highest possible score. You can compare your position in the leaderboard.

Game Modes


Play till you either lose or win.


The same as on the "Endless" mode applies here as well. However there is also a timer. Once the timer has reached 0, the round ends and you lose.

Each made combo gives you a plus for the timer. The amount of given time depends on the basic elements of the combo.

So you will got less time for a combo of 2-elements than from a combo with 64-elements.


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